Favorite tools I use on the Magic Hour Blog

As freelancers, having a website or blog to market our services and highlight our expertise is a big plus.  I've found it really helpful to use the right tools.  The resources on this page have helped me build the Magic Hour Blog and I highly recommend the companies mentioned here.

Disclaimer:  I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies mentioned on this page.  That means I make a small commission if you make a purchase using my links, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I find highly useful, user-friendly, and that I also use myself.


Getting subscribers to your content is essential for building your business and brand.  ConvertKit is designed especially for content creators of all types.  It's the best tool around for managing your email list and communicating with subscribers.  I use ConvertKit for the Magic Hour Blog and I highly recommend it for ease of use and terrific customer service.  Best of all, there's a free plan that lets you manage up to 1000 subscribers, as well as create landing pages and send unlimited broadcasts.

ConvertKit link to the free plan is HERE.


I created every graphic on the Magic Hour Blog using Canva and I love it.  It's a wonderful design tool for anyone creating content.  There are templates for every possible use, and designing projects is fast and easy.  Canva now has a video editor feature, too.  I've used Canva for blog banners, email headers, social media posts, logos, and invitations. It's fun and easy to use.  Canva has both free and paid versions.  I upgraded to the paid version and find it's well worth the cost, but try out the free version first.  It's a terrific tool and I highly recommend it.

Canva link is HERE. 

Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing Course

If you have a website or blog or are thinking of starting one, I highly recommend downloading Michelle Schroeder-Gardner's free ebook on affiliate marketing with tips for bloggers.  Michelle knows affiliate marketing inside out and she's got the income to prove it.  Her free ebook has valuable tips to get you started on generating some affiliate marketing income of your own.  Sign up for Michelle's free 36-page ebook on how to make money with your blog through affiliate marketing.

Making Sense of Cents free Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers ebook link is HERE.

Headline Analyzer

I always use Headline Analyzer for my blog posts.  I use it to make sure that I have a headline that will drive search results and shares for my post.  It's user-friendly and they have free and paid plans.

Headline Analyzer link is HERE.