About Me

I’m Judy Moore, a long-time DGA member who has worked in the film industry on numerous films, television shows, and commercials as an assistant director, in both Los Angeles and Arizona.  I’ve also worked as an actor, extra, model, production assistant, production coordinator, and DGA trainee at various times in my career.  Since I've spent so much time on film sets in my various jobs, most of my blog posts also include some of my experiences working in the industry.  Hopefully, you'll find them helpful for your own film career.

I’m a past president of the Arizona Production Association (APA) and have served on various DGA committees.  I've also served on the boards of both the APA and Arizona Digital Film and Media Coalition (ADFMC.)

I started the Magic Hour Blog as a supportive, informative place for the film production and acting community, both in and outside of Hollywood.  The topics I write about are for those of us who are experienced industry freelancers, as well as those of you who are just starting your film industry careers.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Let me know if there are film industry topics you want to know more about and see on this blog.

See you on set!