Vitrox RB08 LED Light Product Review

Vitrox RB08 LED Light Review
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The Vitrox RB08 LED Light is the camera light I didn't know I needed.  My husband Warren, a retired Hollywood lighting technician, is always looking for new lights and thought we needed this one.  He found a winner with the Vitrox RB08 LED Light.

I thought this little light was just another cute novelty item when I first saw it, but there's some powerful lighting in this small package.  It's designed with 24 tiny high-CRI bulbs on the 4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch surface.

The amount of light this compact unit generates is impressive.

The Vitrox RB08 attaches to a camera or tripod and has a color temperature range of 2500k-8500k.  The broad color temperature range is surprising for a battery operated light of this size.

I especially like the the detachable softlight plate that attaches to the light via 4 small magnets.  It gives the light a soft, diffused feel which is useful for shooting portraits.  The Vitrox RB08 is also a terrific light to use if you need brighter lighting for online meetings.

Vitrox RB08 LED Light on a tripod

We set the Vitrox RB08 up on a small tripod behind a laptop for our weekly Zoom meeting with friends.  I'm surprised by how long the built-in rechargeable lithium battery holds its charge.  We've only charged this light once since we got it and it's still giving off plenty of light after multiple uses.

The specs state that the battery will last 1.2 hours if 100% charged at 5600k power.

The battery is easily charged by plugging the light into a computer with the included USB cable.  There's a useful display window on the back of the light that indicates the power remaining and the color temperature setting.

The tiny power, mode, increase and decrease buttons on the side of the light are rather difficult to see.  The indicator icons for each button are printed on the back of the light, though.

Over all, the Vitrox RB08 LED Light is a terrific portable camera light that can do double duty as a mini set light on a tripod for online meetings.  The price is reasonable for the power and and expansive color temperature range.  The light also comes with a universal hot shoe mount for attaching to a camera.

I recommend the versatile, well-priced Vitrox RB08 LED Light.  My in-house lighting expert seconds that recommendation.

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You can purchase the Vitrox RB08 LED Light here.

Viltrox RB08 LED Light






Useful Features





  • Broad color temperature range
  • Compact size
  • Softlight plate that magnetically attaches to light
  • Battery easy to charge from a computer
  • Great price point


  • Buttons on side of light are difficult to read
  • No carrying case
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