20 Professional Best Filmmaking Magazines for Aspiring Filmmakers

20 Professional Best Filmmaking Magazines for Aspiring Filmmakers
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The best filmmaking magazines can help experienced and aspiring filmmakers learn more about their craft and other successful filmmakers.  The best film magazines and filmmaking blogs can also provide insight into how the business of producing, shooting, and distributing films works and insightful film reviews on the latest releases.

There’s no one best filmmaking magazine, and there’s something to be learned from each magazine listed here, whether it's a print publication or a digital offering online.  Some focus on international cinema rather than top movies in the United States. You can sample them all and decide which ones you’ll continue reading.

Here are my picks for the 20 best filmmaking magazines for aspiring filmmakers:

1. American Cinematographer Magazine

Editor: Stephen Pizzello

American Cinematographer is the publication of the American Society of Cinematographers, an organization founded in 1919 to advance the art and science of cinematography.  The monthly magazine has been published since 1922 and covers everything to do with the artistry of visual storytelling.  It’s published in both print and digital editions.

2. Film Comment

Editor: Nicolas Rapold

Film Comment is the bi-monthly magazine published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.  The magazine, founded in 1962, is well-respected for its reviews and analysis of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde global filmmaking.  Movie lovers and filmmakers will find a wealth of information here. There’s also a Film Comment podcast.

3. Filmmaker

Editor: Scott Macaulay

Filmmaker Magazine covers many of the technical aspects of filmmaking, including cameras, below-the-line artists, and insightful interviews with cinematographers, directors, and others working behind the scenes.  The magazine also has abundant information on film festivals and events.  It’s a worthwhile read for aspiring filmmakers.

4. IndieWire

Editor: Dana Harris

IndieWire prides itself on being ahead of the curve with its in-depth industry reporting and analysis, and it’s been a popular industry magazine for anyone interested in filmmaking for over twenty-five years.  Although IndieWire is now under the Penske Media Corp. banner, the magazine is still worth reading for its unique take on everything having to do with the industry.

5. No Film School

Editor: George Edelman

I learn something new every time I check out No Film School, founded in 2010.  That’s because its news, articles on directing, camera equipment reviews, and tutorials always offer information from experts about the latest equipment and techniques.  No Film School covers all aspects of filmmaking including sound, virtual production, music, and screenwriting.  Aspiring filmmakers have to value a magazine with a how-to article on building an easy DIY car mount and a review of budget lenses.

6. Little White Lies

Editor: David Jenkins

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly British publication on independent film established in 2005.  The magazine highlights its unique perspective in reviews, in-depth interviews, features, and excellent illustrations.  This is a one-of-a-kind global publication that’s worth a read by film buffs seeking a unique viewpoint on all aspects of filmmaking.

7. Sight and Sound

Editor: Mike Williams

Sight and Sound was established in 1932, and it’s published by the British Film Institute. Its print and digital editions are read by discerning film fans worldwide.  In-depth movie reviews, director perspectives, critical analysis, and feature articles can all be found in Sight and Sound.  The magazine’s fans appreciate its in-depth examination of all things having to do with film culture.

8. Cinema Scope

Editor: Mark Peranson

Canadian film quarterly Cinema Scope has been published since 1999.  It’s become a well-respected source for promoting film as an art form with its thorough coverage of world cinema.  Cinema Scope’s interviews, features, columns, and criticism are worth exploring by filmmakers serious about the art and craft of filmmaking.

9. Another Gaze

Editor: Daniella Shreir

Founded in 2016, Another Gaze is a feminist film journal that provides nuanced criticism of women and queers as filmmakers, protagonists, and spectators.  Thoughtful essays, reviews, and filmmaker portraits of too often ignored female filmmakers can all be found within this insightful niche publication.

10. Movie Maker Magazine

Editor: Tim Molloy

Founded in 1993, Movie Maker is a quarterly publication covers a wide range of film news, with articles on directing, acting, editing, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, and distribution.  It’s focused on the art and craft of movies and television and deserves checking out by filmmakers and film lovers.

11. CineMontage

Editor: Scott Collins

CineMontage is the journal of the Motion Picture Editors Guild (IATSE Local 700) and is focused on the post-production segment of the film industry.  It contains informative feature stories about editors, union issues, member profiles, new technology, labor news, and book reviews.  Anyone who wants to learn more about the vital post-production area of the industry will find a wealth of information in CineMontage.

12. The Hollywood Reporter

Editor: Nekesa Mumbi Moody

The Hollywood Reporter is essential reading for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers as it covers the business of film production.  The publication is a leading voice read by industry professionals in every field and contains a mix of features ranging from the latest news on upcoming releases to box office results to in-depth reviews of Hollywood films.  It also provides updates on which studio executive or top agent has moved where.  THR is essential reading for anyone working in the industry and I’ve read it daily for years.

After all, Hollywood filmmaking is first and foremost a business.

13. Script Magazine

Editor: Sadie Dean

As the name suggests, Script Magazine is a niche screenwriting publication.  Published since 1995, Script has screenwriter interviews and information for aspiring screenwriters.  Recent articles included the topics of deciphering industry script notes, best practices for screenwriters, and writing inspiration.

Script Magazine is a must-read for aspiring screenwriters.

14. Film Threat

Editor: Alan Ng

Film Threat’s proclaimed mission is to champion up-and-coming independent filmmakers and independent cinema.  Started in 1985, the print version of Film Threat no longer exists, but the website containing independent film reviews, festival news, features, interviews, and videos lives on and is worth exploring.

15. Cinematography World

Editor: Ron Prince

Cinematography World celebrates the global community of cinematographers and others who work behind the camera.  The UK-based publication features in-depth interviews with cinematographers about their latest projects as well as updates on the latest gear and news on upcoming expos.

16. Creative Screenwriting Magazine

Editor: J. G. Sarantinos

Founded in 1994, Creative Screenwriting is an online resource for screenwriters and filmmakers.  The craft and business of screenwriting are the focus here, with in-depth interviews with working screenwriters, features about improving your writing craft, business news, and a listing of gigs for writers.  Aspiring screenwriters will find plenty of information in Creative Screenwriting to improve their craft and better understand the business of screenwriting.

17. DGA Quarterly

Editor: Steve Chagollan

The DGA Quarterly is published by the Directors Guild of America for its members, but unfortunately, it's now been on hiatus since the coronavirus pandemic.  Articles on directing, director profiles, and interviews with directors and assistant directors are the focus of this magazine.  As a DGA member, I’ve read this magazine for many years, and even experienced directors and assistant directors will find it a valuable resource for improving their craft and learning more about directors and their teams.  Although I'm not sure when the magazine will return, I'll update this list when it does.

Film school students can receive a free digital subscription to the DGA Quarterly.

18. The Wrap

Editor: Sharon Waxman

Founded in 2009, The Wrap is the only Hollywood trade magazine that’s independently owned.  The Wrap has in-depth features, industry news, and awards coverage and offers an alternative to the larger corporate-owned trade magazines.  There’s also a Wrap Pro version with in-depth reporting and analysis for industry insiders.

19. Deadline

Editors: Mike Fleming, Nellie Andreeva

Although owned by the same company as The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline is worth reading for its take on industry news.  It became well-known for being the first to break stories within the industry, and Deadline’s coverage of Hollywood labor issues is particularly thorough.

20. Variety

Editor: Cynthia Littleton

Variety is the only publication on this list that’s been around since 1905, and it’s a trustworthy publication among entertainment magazines.  While it’s more mainstream than a niche publication, exclusive interviews, features, news, and reviews of Hollywood films can all be found on its pages.  Variety has been going strong for over one hundred years, which is why aspiring filmmakers may want to check it out.


Aspiring and experienced filmmakers have plenty of resources when it comes to reading magazines that expand their understanding and appreciation of their craft and the business in which we all work.  The industry doesn’t stand still, and we need to keep exploring and learning, and filmmaking magazines can be a great resource for that.

Hopefully, this list of best filmmaking magazines will help you expand your knowledge as you build your career.

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