Product Review: Orthofeet Shoes

Product Review - Orthofeet Shoes
Design by Judy Moore in Canva
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Could Orthofeet finally be the answer to finding a pain-free pair of shoes to wear on set?

Orthofeet shoes aren’t just your average comfortable shoes.  We’re always searching for the ideal flat shoes to wear on set for the long days we spend on our feet in the film industry.

Shoes that feel great at 7 am may leave our feet aching by 7 pm. Finding comfortable shoes with enough support is essential for anyone who spends all day on their feet.

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About Orthofeet Shoes

If you have any foot problems, as many people in our industry do, it can seem impossible to find a pair of shoes that can be comfortable to wear for twelve-plus hours a day.  I searched for the best choice of shoes to wear on set for years.

Enter Orthofeet shoes.  They’re specially designed for people with various foot problems and can be worn pain-free for long hours.

I have bunions that seem to worsen as I get older, so I figured I’d give Orthofeet shoes a try.  I also wanted attractive shoes that come in different colors and styles, not ugly orthopedic shoes.

I found the Orthofeet Francis style below particularly comfortable because the cloth top doesn't rub my bunions, and the shoes have terrific arch support. I have this style in two colors and recently wore both pairs on a trip with lots of walking and had no pain at all.

Orthofeet francis
Orthofeet Francis Style Shoe

Although Orthofeet shoes are designed for people with foot problems, including Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, corns, calluses, diabetes, and arthritis, the shoes are stylish, and most styles come in several colors.

Orthofeet Verve tie-less
Orthofeet Verve Tie-Less Shoe

All Orthofeet shoes have an arch booster to enhance support, which is essential if you’re on your feet a lot.  The shoes also come with a premium orthotic inner sole for added comfort and have an ergonomic heel-toe drop to position your feet properly within the shoes.

The cushioning in the soles is excellent, as Orthofeet has a specially designed soft foam heel pad.

The shoes come with 1/4″ and 1/16″ additional innersoles and an arch booster (pictured below) for a more customized fit.

Orthofeet insoles and arch booster
Adjustable arch supports and inner soles that come with Orthofeet shoes

Orthofeet Now Has Professional Shoes

Orthofeet recently added professional shoes to its product lineup.  The Talya style is designed specifically for professional wear for people who are on their feet all day.  They look perfect for anyone working long days on set, and I'll soon be getting a pair.  This style comes in black, white, and lavender.  Here's the pretty lavender color:

Orthofeet Talya style in lavendar
Orthofeet Talya Slip-Resistant Shoes

Orthofeet Hands-Free Shoes

Orthofeet now has hands-free shoes, too. My husband bought a pair and says they're super comfortable for walking. This will be the next pair of Orthofeet shoes I buy.

Orthofeet Kita Hands-Free Style Shoe

Orthofeet Also Sells Compression Socks

A recent addition to the Orthofeet lineup is compression socks.  Orthofeet compression socks come in a two-part system with the calf sleeve section separate from the ankle sock, so you can mix compression levels, sizes, and colors for a more customized fit.

You put on the ankle sock first, then slide the calf sleeve section over it, which makes them easier to put on than most compression socks.  The socks come in moderate and firm compression levels. I have the moderate compression ones, although I may purchase a pair of the firm compression socks for an extra long series of flights I'll be taking soon.

I recently bought a pair of Orthofeet compression socks for a 10-1/2 hour flight abroad, and they were very comfortable, but I could still feel they were compressing.  These socks could also be worn for long, demanding days standing on set or any other job that requires endless hours on your feet.

I definitely plan to wear them again on long flights, and any other time I know I'll be standing a lot.

I also bought a three-pack of the new Orthofeet socks for bunions, which separate the big toe from the other toes, and I find them comfortable to wear.

Orthofeet also has seamless non-constricting bamboo socks for diabetics, which I haven't tried.  They get rave reviews for comfort and appear worth trying for anyone looking for a comfortable, non-constricting pair of socks.

Orthofeet Shoes For Comfort and Support

I’ve worn these shoes for long hours on set without pain or discomfort, and they’re my go-to sneakers for long walks and travel because the shoes are both supportive and comfortable.  It doesn’t hurt that they look good, too.

Orthofeet Naxos Sandal

Orthofeet has some stylish sandals like the Naxos (pictured above) worth considering too, that are designed with comfort in mind.

I recently bought the Orthofeet Verona style below because it comes in a narrow width. It fits perfectly and didn't need to be broken in, which is always a plus.

Orthofeet Verona
Orthofeet Verona Sandal

Orthofeet recently introduced the stylish Juno Sandal pictured below. It currently comes in black and chocolate brown, but as Orthofeet often adds new color options for popular styles, the Juno Sandal may have other colors to choose from in the future.

Orthofeet Juno Sandal

Orthofeet also has some stylish boots, like the Emma style pictured below. The 2″ cushioned heel with an ergonomic sole design makes for comfortable walking.

Orthofeet Emma Boot

If there’s one negative about Orthofeet, it’s that the shoes seem to run a bit short.  On some styles, they say to order the next half size up.

However, I found that even their standard sizes run a bit shorter than what I’m used to.  It’s worth keeping this in mind when you order.

Orthofeet shoes are well-made, and I think the price is reasonable considering the quality workmanship, comfort, and the ability to customize the shoes with insoles of different thicknesses.

They're a great choice for wearing on set, or any time you're on your feet for long hours.  I've never had to break in a pair of Orthofeet shoes, as they always feel comfortable the first time I put them on, even if I'm wearing them all day.

Orthofeet shoes come in many different styles, including sandals, slippers, and boots for both men and women, and you can try them risk-free with Orthofeet’s 60-day Wear Test.

All Orthofeet shoes have free shipping and returns.  I had to return a pair of sandals, and it was simple and hassle-free.

My husband and I both have multiple pairs of Orthofeet shoes and swear by them.  I only regret that I didn’t find them sooner.  It would have saved me quite a few days of aching feet on and off set.

See the product review chart below.

Orthofeet shoes




Pain Relief









  • Very comfortable
  • Good support
  • Well-cushioned sole
  • Good value
  • Variety of styles


  • Runs a bit short
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