5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Career Opportunities

5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Career Opportunities
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Career opportunities often come when we least expect them.  Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to make the most of them when they do show up.  Those who’ve laid the groundwork in advance for their own success will be well positioned to seize career opportunities when they do arise.  You may have heard the saying that luck is preparedness meeting opportunity.  We can’t control when opportunities appear, but we can certainly do our best with the preparedness part of the equation.

5 ways to make the most of the career opportunities:

  1. Keep updating your skills.

Industries are constantly evolving, and the entertainment industry is no exception.  Technology has changed the film industry significantly in the past few years.  Procedures on set have changed once again with the pandemic and paperless sets.  I never thought I’d need a course on pandemic protocols on film sets, but I recently took one.  The course is now required for DGA members to be on the guild qualification lists.  If you’re not keeping up with all the changes taking place around you, you’re falling behind.  Keep updating the skills you need to advance your career.

  1. Be a leader.

We work in a business of last minute changes and constant problem solving.  New script pages often arrive suddenly and schedules can change unexpectedly.  Being known as a creative problem solver who takes the initiative and easily adapts to uncertainty will greatly enhance your career.  Get comfortable with change and demonstrate your leadership skills.

  1. Attend industry events.

Now that so many events are virtual, it’s much easier to find the time to attend events.  In the past few months, I’ve participated in online workshops, DGA meetings, panel discussions and several other industry events.  I would have been able to attend only a few of these events if they were live rather than virtual events.  I believe virtual events are here to stay, so take advantage of them to learn and network within your industry.  You don’t have to ‘work the room’ to network and you only have to be dressed nicely from the waist up.  It’s a win-win situation that’s enjoyable and easy.  You’ll get to meet a more diverse group of attendees at virtual events, possibly from around the world.  You may also find yourself with some unexpected career opportunities as a result of the contacts you’ve made.

  1. Use social media wisely.

Social media can be a powerful career-building tool.  Or social media can be a complete waste of time.  It all depends on how you use it.  Being active in social media groups by answering questions and sharing your knowledge establishes you as an expert.  I belong to industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and follow industry leaders and trade papers on Twitter.   It’s also a simple way to keep up with contacts, even when you’re working and otherwise not available to socialize.  Review your social media profiles and make sure they’re professional.  Needless to say, many career opportunities have been lost by people using poor judgement about what they post on social media.  Post wisely.

  1. Give back to your industry.

Serving on boards of organizations related to your industry allows you to share your knowledge for the good of the community.  It also demonstrates leadership and the desire to serve something bigger than yourself.  Volunteering with industry organizations allows you to make new contacts and have a higher profile within your industry.  It’s also personally rewarding to be of service and see your efforts help others.  Because you now have a higher profile within your industry, the likelihood of career opportunities coming your way increases.  I’ve served on many industry committees and several boards over the years, and highly recommend it for both personal and professional growth.


Although we’re currently in difficult times between the pandemic and the recession, career opportunities still abound, especially for us freelancers.  Shows are filming, people are working and new opportunities are arising every day.   Be ready to make the most of them.





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