Surprise Ways You Actually Triumphed in 2020

Surprise Ways You Actually Triumphed in 2020
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It’s been difficult for most of us to find many triumphs in the bleakness of the year 2020.  Financial stress, illness, death and racial violence have all reared their ugly heads during this tumultuous year.  Everyone has been touched in some way by the challenges of the past 9 months.  But we’ve survived, and possibly even thrived in surprising ways.  Now that 2020 is almost over, it’s worth taking a few moments to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.  Even tiny successes can lead to great things.

Here are a few ways you triumphed this year, maybe without even noticing:

  1. You learned one or more new tech skills by spending so much time online.

We've all been spending more time online than we did before, so you may not even realize the new skills you’ve learned.  For example, this year I learned a lot about WordPress and hosting services by getting this blog up and running.  On set, you may have learned new skills when sets went paperless because of the pandemic.  You’ve probably gotten a lot better at Zoom networking, too.  I know I have.  I barely knew what Zoom was pre-pandemic, but now I take weekly Zoom improv and yoga classes.  Learning a new skill is always a positive.

2. You developed a new revenue stream.

If ever we freelancers had a wakeup call about the necessity of having more than one revenue stream, this year’s been it.  Businesses and clients we’ve relied upon have floundered and gone out of business.  Productions suddenly shut down for months.  We’ve all had to become very adaptable to a constantly shifting reality.  If you’ve developed another revenue stream in 2020 that you can expand into the future, congratulations.  That’s a success worth celebrating.

  1. You built even stronger bonds with your family.

In the past, you may not have spent enough quality time with the people who live under your roof.  This year changed that, as pre-pandemic life halted and we were forced to stay home and spend more time with family.  You probably forged even stronger bonds with your family during this stressful time, as you relied on one another more than ever.  If you spent time playing games, watching movies on Netflix or even helping kids do school on the computer, you’ve strengthened your family ties.  I count that as a success.

  1. You saved money by not going out as much as before.

Yes, it’s been a tough year financially for many of us, but you probably also spent a lot less money going out in 2020.  I certainly did.  Sure, we all miss traveling and dining out, but we save money by not going out as much.  Since you got better acquainted with your stove, your cooking and baking skills must have also improved.  Nothing beats home cooking.  That counts as a win.

  1. You appreciate and are grateful for what you have.

If 2020 has done one good thing for us, it’s made us get our priorities straight.  It’s taken away many of the superfluous things in our lives and showed us what's really important.  There’s no surer way to move forward personally and professionally than to appreciate where you are and what you have now.  If you’ve achieved that, you’ve triumphed over this calamitous year.

Due to COVID-19, we’re seeing many of the pillars of our society changing right before our eyes. Things will not be the same as they were.  As some businesses disappear, new businesses will open and thrive.  No industry will emerge unscathed from the tumult of 2020, certainly not the entertainment industry.  We’ll be living in a changed world and working in a changed industry post-pandemic.  But there will always be new opportunities for success and growth. You’ve triumphed just by getting through this unpredictable year.  Give yourself some much needed credit for that.



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